Poetry · Writing


the morning is coming-.

and that’s not good enough.

The magic hides on a hill North from here

and it waits.

The porridge and eggs in the morning

it’s fine for those looking to stay sheltered from the storm

but why.

Hiding from the extra beauty and adventure

is lying to yourself.

Feeding yourself

triumph these mountains yourself-

wasting time on the comfort of knowing

what will happen tomorrow

that is enough for some

the window watchers

and the bench riders.

Don’t play their game.

Explore, live- try

to see the colors on the other side and experience


For him it’s North- for you

maybe closer.

Yet, will applaud those with the safe option-

not everyone has that on the menu-

but when it’s there, promise me,

you’ll chase that magic-

it doesn’t reveal itself

to everyone.

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