Poetry · Writing


I don’t need to lie no more

Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breathe and ease my mind.


It’s funny to look back-

been living there for a while,

the road was stunted, never had a way out.

Could have said no, and I never would have ended up here.


Normal life, normal job, normal wife

nothing wrong with that-

just a laugh thinking what it was and

who I was, and I’m far from normal.


The desert groomed me, treated me

left bruises- hidden deep and deeper

ocean wishes it was this deep

and this is wild


wonder who is wearing those old shoes-

those idle barring fools.

A time I would be envious

was a jeep driving Seven


and now- I’m chasing your dreams.

The one on the painted glass-

but it was your sight

that give me my foresight


It ain’t 2009 no more

Yeah, I know what’s behind that door

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