Poetry · Writing

Hurt Feelings

I’m always sayin’ I won’t change but

I ain’t the same


everything is different,

and it’s for the best. Movin’ up and down

through the city, makin’ moves

fuse defused

walkin’ in my shoes.

Heavy isn’t it?

Can’t pick up the phone

it’s to heavy, wait until quarter till

and drop the call.

Not even a hint of regret

it’s the cold that gives me pause,

and the hint of your paws

that drops my jaw.


But is it enough-

I can’t complain,

don’t know what you’re missin’

shame on you-

another ones trash

is another ones treasure,

momma said that once

and I keep hittin’ that thrift store

shop till ya drop

and I’ll give

when I wasn’t asked-

that’s on me

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