Poetry · Writing

Modifying History – Long Term Memory

I have a hard time remembering what it was like before I met you.

I can see events, days like flipping through a photo album

but it’s like it was a different me

a shadow or a copy living in my shoes

the ones my aunt gave me on my birthday

how did you get them- they were in my closet.

I can see a day that happened last year but

I ended the day talking to you

future me tellin’ me stop being me

and go get that girl.

You like to tell me I’m forgetful-

but I’ll never forget what you make me feel

you make me want to rewrite this photo album

walk you through it like a history class

changing majors giving you a D for missing class

and A for being on time-

I think I’ve chased you before,

not this me another me not the me in the shadow a different me

I’ve always chased you

throughout history.

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