Poetry · Writing

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

When did that happen-

sleeping at the wheel knocked over a cone a puppy a baby

and I never noticed.

Free of toxins, full night of sleep, and hands on the wheel

and I lost it- out of my hands, out of my ear

when I was dreaming

dreaming about you and I knew

losing seconds in that dream would take hours

and I slept to long.

Bring me out don’t hold me down

sinking in worth please don’t let me drown

am I worth it bleeding it out till the plague is gone

spawn all the worries and blessings lined up to take their shot-

is. my. time. up.

woken up- alone

call ended fourteen hours ago just seconds ago not the time to lie low

so; don’t drop the call, answer and hold a thought longer than

you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met



into the side of the road before the cement block can remove my head

like a jack o’ lantern on Halloween eve I’ll dial your number

it’ll ring- the mirror broken off laying next to me

I can’t say hello, like I normally do

I’m sorry I am going to be late for dinner,

traffic is a mess.

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