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Alice and Tony

I couldn’t help but watch you leave

the coffee shop on fourth and it was the third time

I counted the seconds until I was the first to follow you out.

I bet that sounds crazy,

but I saw her in a crowded coffee shop last week

ordering the same drink I do, reading the same book

like going to a book story and picking up my daily planner.

I wanted to ask her if she thinks:

that Tony and Alice deserve each other

Alice was a dick but Tony wasn’t a saint

or will they keep passing each other

in coffee shops just like this one

or will he go out- chase after her

or wait until next time

because we are naive to believe that there will be a next time

so we sit in the same chair

working on the novel we’ve been staring at

just writing Alice and Alice over and over again

and just like auto correct I’ll walk with red lines under me

because it’s a mistake

the suggestion was to delete

but I couldn’t live with that

so I’ll follow her out and ask-

if she would give Tony a chance

because I think he would make Alice happy.


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