Poetry · Writing

Small Worlds

I hope I never keep you waiting-

Looking for something-

magical so I never had to leave

never knew you were so close

reach out and fall through

this place was always here

under my nose-

watching the clouds passin’ through

passin’ out tickets have them rushin’

to their seats for when I kiss the sun

bright  and always makin’ the day desirable-

right under my nose,

and I’ll fall asleep in your arms

wake up smelling like you

carrying you on my sweater keeping warm and love with me

and I won’t take it off-

but the world is so small

until it ain’t and you’ve found this haven

a place where you are kissing the sun

and wearing a sweater sewed into your skin

so deeply engraved you can’t remember

what it was like before them

and now

I worship the sun

turn the dial past nine to hear her voice and awaken to her heavenly bliss

and will leave the dial here-

not to puase time for a minute

just an extra second so you can take a mental picture

if just how perfect-

wanting it all meant something different

just to keep this world spinning

to keep the sun shinning

to keep this sweater warm

to keep you in my small world.

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