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Cruise Control – Mistletoe

I come to you with a peak inside–

it’s quiet

too quiet

outside the blinds, families picking up their last holiday gifts

festive hats, have a great day

a few gift cards, have a great day

wrapping paper sporting jolly Santa and trusty Rudolph, have a great day.

the happiest time of year, theme songs of the month playing on repeat, and I can’t remember one person’s face.

Our old family car’s cruise control never worked

you would have to hold the button, however,

we discovered if you inserted a coin and really jam it in there

the cruise control would stay-

and as I sit and watch these faceless people

and the coin jabs further into my skull

I don’t remember any of it.


Quiet in the madness

scrambling and I’m the only egg that’s cracked

dreading the time in silence because I feel safer

here in the madness

but I can’t stay.

The faceless walkers troll apart the hallways

screaming and ripping off others ears and I’m the one that’s sideways

and I can’t run.

The water falls in a single drip

exactly three seconds apart- I know I counted.

Heater and a candle because the cold is awful and should be banned.

The candle is a Mistletoe scent

I didn’t know at the time that it would keep the madness with it

warding all reindeer to stay the fuck away

so I can lay and cry in peace an.



Sorry, your time is up.

Please enter another twenty-five cents to keep the cruise control going,

have a great day.

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