Poetry · Writing


Just need to get something off my chest-

someone said that once and went on a long rant

but just need a minute of your time to tell you

that the one with the dimples in the front row,

the one that supported me from the start

libra in her profile – dimples when she smiles

you make it worth while

just a few lines here and there is my artistic style

and I’ll never stop chasing you, I’m looking for you babe

and I’ll never stop through sunshine or rain.


Yeah, can’t seem to shake it

didn’t try real hard never left our bed

and still we’re layin’ playin’ bed head

and you drive me wild.

Lets, make a promise

pact between an angel and a fallen saint

when I’m all over the world and just here at home

we never keep score, just the one for our latest bet

still waitin’ on my five as long as we share the mindset

while the world is fallin’ will count the towers

and I’ll always be there to bring you flowers.

I, can’t bring myself to take a second

to blink away because I’ll miss your excellence

with an emphasis on your tremulous intelligence

jump the fence can’t wait another minute

the way you say my name, a favorite attribute

your are a queen and I’m a king

look at this chess we’re playing

a peace of mind a sound in the quiet a phone a friend lifeline

and I will be yours, through rain and through shine

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