Poetry · Writing

Swimming Lessons

I never got to say, thank you-

you, you acted as my shield from the world

my iron suit that I walked around in

talking shit like Tony Stark

now I know I was never in the ballpark

bat at home swinging with papier-mache at a tee ball stand.

I don’t know what you were worried about-

I picked plenty of roses and never cut myself

gave the neighbors cat a bath and she didn’t run away

and neither did I.

I did enjoy the days you would show me the light

like a present the sunshine was to my skin

your hand was loose but always in mine

a child in body and lost in the mind.

Thank you, for caring

you never told me the wonders of the light

when the sun touches the water

when your hand touched mine- it was the same

you didn’t show me, I had to swim on my own.

I never asked why you were so protective

and no one has ever been since,

but I learned how to swim

so hopefully you can rest easy.

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