Poetry · Writing

My Hero

Flipping channels

through all these different success stories

a chance to make a life

to be someones

either through blood

or opportunity.

Them being their, doesn’t mean they’re the best

waiting for the next great to pick up that shield

a Captain is always on the way.

I watch, knowing someone who sings better

paints better

and at the age of four

I learned that people are not born equal

death is a guarantee

and failure is a privilege,

not all of us see the stars.

So will flip channels

pretend that these people never scaled that mountain

and reached

even for a second

to be someones hero;

even if they can’t see the same stairs

or know how to walk

those heroes reach an arm out

lend an ear see the sea smell the breeze

they’ll be there for tough times

sing their song

end their show

with us in our living room

thank you



but I’ll be their one day

with all my might.

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