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Best Day Ever

I never took a day off

work around the clock never stop never falloff.

I never said goodbye to Trevor

left in a hurry always a new endeavor

a brother and I’ll miss the way you said whatever

whoever whenever this life wasn’t forever but wherever you are

you’re here with me like Common will let it Be

a Seven and a dream we made one hell of a team.

No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile

pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child.

I never told Malcolm what he meant to me

through depression living life under suppression

now making progression through self-expression

and this is my confession that you walked me through

and when it’s my time I wrote this for you

you on the drums and I’ll be on the keys

a jam session no questions.

Now I know the difference between the ground and the floor

if we got to fight, I’ll be down for the war

thumbs up-

Thanks to you, I never turned by back on love

like a fool thought I was cool but you’re such a jewel

and I never thought life would get this sweet

it got me cheesin’ from cheek to cheek

weak in my knees at ease antifreeze

and I ain’t going to wait for nothing

cause that just ain’t my style

it’s you when I smile

watching you walk down the aisle

life couldn’t get better

this gon’ be the best day ever.




Thank you to anyone who read, liked and left a comment on anything I posted this year or ever. I appreciate you, happy new year.


~Sam T. G.

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