Poetry · Writing

cozy k’night

she said she missed the old me-

the one with the funny jokes

and the unbreakable smile

never hanging from rope just above the tile

the version of you that never updated

who told stories of full hearts

standing- never wavered

now tells stories of death through fine arts

sit high like a king with his chalice

and below his subjects full of malice

switched from meat to salads

bought a case of m light and you were at wine palace

remember when we dropped acid-

where – did – you – go

( who walks in the shadows of your once peculiar self, the tepid demons haunt and talked their way into your skin to walk a path of coal never meant for your loving feet- they trashed you and colored your eyes green so you can profit and all i- we want is to banish and summon the cozy knight once more )

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