Poetry · Writing

god of song

i prayed once-

like a message in a bottle i threw it in an ocean of many

they clinked together like after a toast-

or a prayer

i do not know if they will ever get to mine or which god answers the phone

maybe it is like the lotto system and we are all on hold

waiting for our number to be called like the dmv;

the bottle was ordinary but the paper was special

out of a journal with muses on the cover

thought they would get a laugh out of that-

whatever god; he she it just know i was in a dark place

darkened scribes on a windy night

saying hello to the moon inches from a fall-

i would not bother you guys

if it was not important

was hoping to get into the priority lane

but i have missed church a few hundred times so i get it

just need something to go right-


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