Poetry · Writing

grateful in hazel;

back back

you waaaay in the back

i’ve seen you before

not there or here your

the one that called me brown boy at school

i haven’t forgotten, but i am sure you have

it didn’t bother me because it was true

the way your friends laughed didn’t bother me

they were on your side, your team, your family

what hurt was that you are brown too,

was your brown- different? better?

like you went to an appraisal

they said you were faithful grateful in hazel

and i unstable;

like your brown was better then mine

i was the dirty that was ruining your good name;

and now i see you in the back of the room

looking at me with your hazel eyes

i’m sorry i was the dirt on the bottom of your shoes

for you were the worry on my pages;

i envyed your brown so i chased it

only to find me here talking to you

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