Poetry · Writing

the one piggy that got away

raised with bricks

stacked high with a peep hole

just can barely see out

cold stays in

life stays out-

this was fine

no really i prefered it this way

all the big bads would come

brothers and sisters dissapear

but i was good;

pretended not to hear their screams

pretended not to care

pretended not to be home

that keeps me up at night

they rebuild out there

and i’m still in here waiting



if they can’t get in

how can i get out

seems air tight

so how am i still breathing

a dream of butterflys

shattering these bricks like glass

i’ll be gone- so fucking gone

maybe to find those taken

those that never had a chance

or to feel everything that i could only dream of;

i hear the big bads coming again

they can’t stop them

all i have our ears preparing for horror

it’s safe here

it’s safe here

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